Historical Updates

Post date: Jul 10, 2011 7:45:12 PM

Posting these here, just for historical purposes. There were minor chances over the years that never got posted though.

11/13/99 - Major changes! Removed frames, added an intro page, removed several place-holder pages, and added an acknowledgements page to thank all of those who have helped me with this site. Also added a vision statement page that tells a little about this site, what we are doing, and what our hopes and goals are for this site.

10/06/99 - Starting to totally redesign the page layout, making more artistically pleasant to view. It will also be frames free! I have also removed the current banner as I don't like how this banner isn't Bondish at all. It will definitely have a more professional look.

10/05/99 - Internic FINALLY changed changed the my address to point to my new server!!! I am really going to start having fun now with the addition of a cgi-bin :o) Should hopefully be up by the end of the week. I am going to start work on a couple aspects of this site hopefully after tomorrow. Also working on redesigning the site so that it doesn't use frames, or if so, minimally. Am also looking into creating a shockwave intro to the site. If you are skilled in either shockwave or cgi/perl, please e-mail me.

09/24/99 - Moved to a much faster server :o) Will be adding a search engine specifically for this site soon. Also beginning to add banners that link to excellent James Bond merchandise. Only banners that feature James Bond related material will ever be displayed on this site. Happy hunting, and hope you can find some of the James Bond merchandise that you have been looking for :o)

09/19/99 - Some minor coding corrections.

05/18/99 - Worked on an active desktop element that will allow you to receive the latest James Bond news directly from your desktop. This should be done within the next couple of days (when I get then needed logo of BondUniverse.com) Wow, I've been REALLY busy, 117 files created in just 5 days!!

05/17/99 - Added complete listings of the cast and crew, plotline, etc. of The World Is Not Enough.

05/16/99 - This site is under EXTREME construction! All links are working! All sections now have content! Check out the latest on "The World Is Not Enough", TONS of information! Tons of information being added every day (I love summer vacation!). Anyone who has information that they would like to see added, feel free to e-mail me!

05/15/99 - Added news articles about The World Is Not Enough

05/14/99 - Created an Upcoming Events Section. First event: Bond Collectors' Weekend II

05/13/99 - Began actual development of BondUniverse.com.