Vision Statement

To create the web's most complete and comprehensive James Bond website by implementing the following:

  • To seek out and utilize those with expertise in one or more aspects of James Bond, whether it be with the films, books, memorabilia, or any other aspect.

  • To improve communications among fellow Bond fans.

  • To interact with the visitors to provide a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience so that they will want to come back frequently.

  • To keep everything on this site targeted at James Bond, including, but not limited to advertising.

  • To keep everyone well informed of upcoming events such as, but not limited to new releases, conventions, celebrity appearances, etc.

We will also keep this site high-tech, yet user-friendly and uniform by:

  • To create a sense of community among all fellow James Bond fans.

  • Attempting to utilize the latest technologies

  • Learn what people are using to access this site (browser, OS, etc.), and design for the majority, yet without totally ignoring the minority.

  • Maintain a "less is more" policy with graphics to reduce bandwidth.

  • To provide all fans with useful utilities (i.e.. web-based e-mail, etc.)


Robert Ridenour
Webmaster of